New Patients

Dear Prospective Patients,

We are honored to participate in your health care and would like to treat as many people as possible. However, our practice is currently limited to one provider, as Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine is a relatively rare specialty. Each appointment is with the physician, and we aim to provide the same quality of care to every one of our patients at every appointment. As a result, new patient appointments are currently booking out 1 year in advance or longer. However, under special circumstances such as pregnancy or injury requiring prolotherapy, we are frequently able to accommodate these patients more quickly, due to the time sensitive nature of their conditions.

We thank you for your patience and understanding, and are working to recruit additional Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine providers to Western New York. Please call our office for more details, as we will review your specific circumstances and determine if we will be the best choice for your treatment. In the event that we are not able to participate in your care, we may be able to refer you to other physicians in nearby cities with similar or the same training.