Regenerative Medicine

What is Regenerative Medicine?

  • Proliferative Therapy (Prolotherapy) is a type of treatment that utilizes the body’s inherent ability to heal itself. It does this by recruiting the healing mechanisms already in place to put down new tissue within those structures treated.
  • It does this by recruiting helper cells through the body’s inflammatory response, which results in the deposition of new collagen.
  • Modern prolotherapy was first defined by Dr. Earl Gedney, who was an Osteopathic surgeon who got his thumb caught on an operating room door. As a result, he was unable to hold a scalpel, until he came across this therapy that doctors were using to reduce hernias with irritating solutions. He tried this on his thumb, and after a period of a few months he was able to operate again.

What areas can be treated?

Knees, lower backs, and necks are just a few of the areas that we can currently treat with prolotherapy. Each case is decided on an individual basis, and may not be necessary or indicated in your particular case. However, some patients with knee or back problems may be able to avoid or delay surgery using this treatment. If a patient has had persistent pain after a knee or back surgery, this treatment may be able to provide relief from that pain.

Prolotherapy Levels of Treatment

  • Each treatment is dependent on the patient, their lifestyle, level of pain, and extent of treatment needed
  • Techniques range from simple dry needling, to dextrose solutions, and soon platelet rich plasma and stem cell injections. Please check back for future developments.
  • Each level of treatment is associated with an increased cost. Unfortunately, prolotherapy is not covered by many insurance carriers. Please contact your insurance carrier directly to see if this procedure is covered. For specifics on potential costs, please contact our office at

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